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A Renal Failure Diet Is Vital During Kidney Failure

Author: Anne Keenan

A renal failure diet is extremely important when you have kidney failure. Why? When you have the condition of kidney failure, it might sound very tragic to hear because of the word 'failure.' Actually, the kidney is truly in danger if you will not take charge and limit the foods that are causing damage to your kidney. A renal failure diet is very important for people who are suffering from kidney failure. Renal failure is the condition of the kidney, which the kidney is not capable of eliminating all the waste products in the bloodstream. These wastes from the bloodstream come from the fluid and the food that you eat and the main function of the kidney is to eliminate all these waste products from your bloodstream.


A proper renal failure diet will reverse your kidney failureIf you are looking for a proper and proven renal failure diet for your kidney problems, then this article might be the one that you are looking for. In this article, you will understand the specific meal plan or foods that are appropriate for patients who are suffering from kidney failure. The very first thing that you need to look out for with the food that you are eating, is the salt content or the sodium in the food that you are going to eat. The second one is the fluid restriction, the potassium, phosphorous, and the protein in the food. These are the basic substances that you need to keep in mind while you are constructing your kidney failure diet.The very first step to implementing a renal failure diet is how you can limit your salt intake or the sodium content in your food. Actually, you can limit your sodium intake if you will cut out foods and additives like soy sauce, salt substitutes, canned goods or processed foods, junk foods, fast foods and all foods that are rich in sodium. All the seasoning that makes the food very tasty and delicious has a very high sodium content. So if you are on a renal failure diet, you need to eat foods that are not rich in seasonings. It is true that foods that are rich in sodium are really delicious and tempting, but these foods will not be healthy for you in this condition. 

In your renal failure diet, you will need to regulate your water intake to overcome kidney failureNext one is how you can limit your fluid intake each day. It is important for you to know that everything that can be melted in room temperature is considered as liquid. If you are suffering from kidney failure, then restrictions in fluid intake is one of the very first orders of the physician. You just need to drink 4 to 8 cups of water a day if you are on a renal failure diet. One of the best ways to combat thirst is for you to eat ice chips. 


By doing that your thirst will be quenched and the volume of water that you will consumer will be controlled. In a renal failure diet, controlled water intake is extremely important.Phosphorus is also restricted within the renal failure diet once dialysis has started. All dairy products are rich in phosphorus, and you also need to be very carefully not to eat whole grains, bran, barley, raisins, coconuts, meat organs, and salmon, because these are foods that are very rich in phosphorus as well.The potassium intake of the person on a renal failure diet should also be controlled. But what are the foods that are high in potassium? Fruits and vegetables that you loved might be very rich in potassium, but these fruits will surely make you sick if you will continue eating them while you are in renal failure diet. Foods that are very rich in potassium are oranges, pumpkins, peaches, potatoes, kiwis, apricots, dried fruits, avocados, and nuts are just some of the few fruits and vegetables that you need to look out for as you prepare your foods. 

A renal failure diet restricts protein intake when you have kidney failure. Lastly, protein intake should also be restricted in individuals who are suffering from kidney failure. Protein is one of the most vital elements within the food of the patient right after their dialysis, but during dialysis, protein intake should be restricted. With the help of your physician and dietician, you will be guided with the right kind of foods for you to eat and prepare for your renal failure diet.If you are in a renal failure diet, then you need to follow this basic understanding of a diet plan strictly, if you want to get on a path to reverse your kidney problem.

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