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Kidney Failure - How to Prevent Kidney Failure

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Author: Paul Alberti

For those who suffer kidney disease, you will know how critical it is to prevent kidney failure. Kidney disease can be both temporary and permanent. This can be known as acute kidney failure/acute renal failure or chronic kidney failure.

The difference between acute and chronic renal failure

With acute kidney failure, function of the kidneys is rapidly lost, and can occur from many stresses on the body, most of which are related to diet. Others are indirectly related to diet, being brought on by another disease or illness. There are many different classifications of acute kidney disease and is generalised into the following categories:

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Common Pre-renal Causes of Kidney Disease

  • dehydration from excess fluid loss (diarrhoea, flu, gastroenteritis, sweating)

  • dehydration from lack of fluid intake

  • hypovolemia from excess blood loss

  • obstruction of kidney arteries and veins causing inconsistent blood flow

  • pain killers, other medication and excess sodium/potassium/protein

Common Post-renal Causes of Renal Failure

  • Having any restriction in the bladder can cause back-flow to the kidneys. This can cause a series of events, from infection to completely damaging the kidneys due to the excess pressure.

  • Blockages, cysts, tumours in the abdomen can form obstructions around the ureters.

  • Other age related obstructions, including cancers and other tumours around the bladder

  • Having kidney stones do not directly affect the kidney failure, but do increase the risk, but having a lot of extra strain on the kidneys.

Common Causes of Kidney Damage

  • Toxic Medications are found in certain antibiotics, ibuprofen, some anti inflammatory drugs, iodine and radiology medications.

  • Sepsis can occur if the body's immune system is battling infection. This can cause the kidneys to shut down as a result.

  • Muscle breakdown can cause muscle fibres which are damaged to clog filtration of the kidneys. This can usually be on set by severe trauma and burns to the body.

  • inflammation of the kidney filtering system - the glomeruli

Common Causes of Chronic Kidney Failure

  • Many problems listed above can result in chronic kidney failure

  • constant high blood pressure

  • people suffering diabetes

  • chronic glomerulonephritis.

  • kidney stones

  • prostate disease or prostate cancer

  • reflux nephropathy

  • polycystic conditions

Common Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Kidney disease can sometimes be hard to detect, and not always show obvious symptoms. The main way to ask if you are showing the symptoms is to ask yourself if you are at risk. Kidney disease is 99% of the time the result of poor dieting and malnutrition. What you will notice when symptoms start to appear is when you start to see irregularities in waste products clearing the body, onset of weakness, fluid retention, some mild pain or even slight discomfort while urinating.

All of these symptoms of kidney failure should immediately ring alarm bells and need immediate adjustments to diet and lifestyle.

All of these will result in directly related medical symptoms, such as excess potassium levels causing heart rhythm problems, an increase in urea levels in the blood - which can affect a number of organs in the body, anemia - resulting in general weakness, loss of appetite due to build-up of excess waste products - which will result in further issues all contributing to kidney failure, rising blood pressure due to the acid load on the body and trouble breathing.

It is extremely important, that even if you feel the onset of kidney failure as being an option, to drastically change your diet to help lighten the load and strain on your kidneys. This can even reverse kidney failure if it is undertaken as soon as possible.

With western diets contributing to all the common forms of kidney failure, it is the best option to reverse any chances of suffering kidney failure and help restore health to the body.

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Restore your kidney function today by making some simple and easy kidney diet changes.

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