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Things To Know About Kidney Failure Symptoms

Author: Matthew Fletcher

When individuals think about kidney failure and kidney failure symptoms, they usually consider them relating to bladder and kidney symptoms. By ingesting enough water, and avoiding foods that can inflame the kidneys, a lot of people think they'll be allowed to prevent kidney trouble. 


Even so this is simply not always what occurs. This is because the kidneys have several functions and therefore when things fail, kidney failure symptoms are much more popular and more challenging to find. In fact sometimes the symptoms may not seem proportional to the kidneys in the beginning. But here, by understanding a number of major functions of the kidneys we will see how these kidney failure symptoms take place. One of the most commonly revealed function of the kidneys is eradicating toxins from the body, and that's why we understand that well balanced meals and water can help the kidneys to do their job. While the correct intake of water and beneficial diet are crucial, nearly all people need some extra help with their kidneys. Symptoms begin to occur usually when kidney damage is quite advanced, which suggests oftentimes a lot of damage has been done before an issue has been detected and then treatment begins. Kidney failure symptoms are usually consequence of long-term kidney damage and they can be common in the body.

One of several kidney failure signs that physicians are allowed to detect is a low urine creatinine level which indicates potential kidney damage that's why reatinine levels really should be regularly checked once symptoms are noted. Creatinine levels in the body must be fairly steady. When levels are lacking in the urine, what this means is that the kidneys are performing an inadequate job of filtering it from the blood. Because of this, blood creatinine levels can become too much and after a certain level, the patient might need dialysis to purify the blood. The body always tries to have a balance of solutes in the bloodstream, and the kidneys have several jobs to do regarding maintaining the blood. The kidneys are in charge for maintaining fluid levels within the body and as kidney function decreases, swelling in the body, or fluid retention is a very common symptom. This usually happens in the legs and feet. Fluid buildup can also occur in the lungs causing major complications with the cardiovascular system. 


The kidneys are responsible for maintaining electrolyte levels such as potassium and sodium. If these are disregarded, rising electrolyte levels in the blood may cause dangerous heart arrhythmias and cardiovascular problems. Weakness is a very basic sign that occurs when the red blood cell count drops. Anemia is another very common drawback for kidney disease patients as the kidneys are necessary to form the hormone EPO, which helps form red blood cells. Deficient EPO leads to fatigue, shortness of breath and pallor.

The kidneys are also in charge for preventing acidity in the blood. As acid wastes boost in the body, shortness of breath or other symptoms can occur. Shortness of breath takes place when the lungs try to compensate for this acidosis by getting rid of carbon dioxide. Kidney stones, gout, poor immunity, urinary changes and fatigue are standard kidney failure symptoms that take place due to high levels of acidity in the blood. If symptoms are ignored and the kidneys are not treated, ultimately death occurs. This is either due to organ failure from the greater load of toxins in the body, congestive heart failure due to fluid retention in the lungs, ventricular fibrillation caused by disrupted electrolyte levels, or other related causes. All manifestations should be treated as a medical emergency, since even relatively minor symptoms like lethargy or fatigue can indicate the existence of a deadly chain reaction.

These all sound very scary, so you need to be relieved to know that natural therapies such as herbs and nutrients, along with appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes can go a long way in preserving the fitness of your kidneys. Natural therapies have indicated to slow the growth of kidney damage, and even in kidney failure they can help reduce symptoms and boost your lifestyle. It is never too late to introduce natural therapies to encounter the benefits.

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